Monday, November 23, 2009


Bananas are probably Cooper's favorite food. It was one of his first words and he will eat one anytime it is presented to him. On Sunday, it was lunch time when we got home from church. We asked the kids what they wanted for lunch. Grace wanted salami, cheese and crackers (her favorite lunch). Emma Jo was at a friend's house and Cooper wanted a banana.

As Jason was preparing lunch, the kids had turned their chairs into a cave. They were enjoying playing in it and did not want to come out to eat. Grace eventually relented, but Cooper is as stubborn as they come. When we allowed him to eat in his cave he was happy as a clam.

Cooper ate half of his banana with no incident. I was standing in the kitchen talking to Jason and I thought that I saw something through the corner of my eye. Then I saw it. He was peeling his banana and stuffing the discards under the TV cabinet. Where he came up with the idea I have no idea. I asked him where the peel was and he promptly told me it was "unner dare". At least he is honest...

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