Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bandit Beatdown

Remember last Spring when I played, and WON, NCAA Fantasy Basketball? Well, I was invited by the same group to play Fantasy Football this year. I've never played before and don't pay a whole lot of attention to football and the players. I wanted to use the same strategy as I used to win the basketball tournament, but it doesn't really translate to football very well since you have to pick players instead of teams. I chose instead to draft players whose names I recognized. Right around week 3 I got a lecture from Jason that I need to "pay attention" and participate in my team. I was told to study the ESPN projections and make trades and drafts to field the best team possible each week.

I may not pay much attention to the game as it is played, but I'm pretty good at analyzing numbers, so I made it my Wednesday duty to print off ESPN projections, cross off players already on other teams, and draft the top players available in each position. Out of 10 teams in our league, my team the "Blue Bandits" has moved up from 9th to 4th.

This past week the Blue Bandits played "Jug Wine" (Jason's team). Jason was feeling full of himself and started posting smack talk. He pestered me all week that we wanted a side bet because there was no way he could lose. When I got home from church at noon on Sunday, I discovered that Jason had posted that we would have it all tied up by early afternoon. As I read that, I saw that the score was about 90 to 30, Blue Bandits winning! By the time the night was over I had beat him 148 to 97!

As for our side bet? I requested flowers and champagne for my victory, but so far they haven't materialized...

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