Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Official Weekend of the Holiday Season

This weekend kicked off the Christmas season for our family. Friday was the big Silver Oak family party. Then Saturday we went on the Polar Express.

In celebration of the completion of the Oakville rebuild, Silver Oak hosted the family Holiday Party in the new winery. The place was beautiful with white lights, red linens, a huge white tent and plenty of fabulous wine. There were activities for the children and a great buffet and dancing for the adults.

Our kids weren't sure what they were most excited about, staying in a hotel, getting their first gifts of the season at the party, or riding on the bus to the winery. The girls were beautiful in their Christmas dresses. Cooper was very handsome in his plaid shirt and sweater vest. He did well at the party but finally pooped out and fell asleep in Jason's arms.

Mommy had too much going on watching the kids and enjoying the party that I forgot to take a family picture.

On Saturday we joined other families from WCA's Girl Scout troups and went on the Polar Express. We departed from Old Town Sacramento on historic train cars. We travelled all the way to the North Pole and saw Santa and his workshop. Santa even came on-board and handed out bells to all who Believe.

Sorry, no good pictures of Grace. She has decided that she doesn't like to have her picture taken.

On the Polar Express Cooper John discovered that he can have a huge audience when he claps. He had a blast clapping for each and everyone who would watch. It is fun to see how people of all ages get a smile from a cute little kid.

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