Monday, December 29, 2008

Wii had a great Christmas!

This was one of the best Christmas's yet! When we got home Thursday night, Jason and I both commented on what a nice day it was. We actually had time to drink a glass (or 2) of wine and chat with the adults at Mom & Dad's on Christmas Day instead of having to entertain/chaperon the children all day. I guess that is a benefit of the kids being older and there being more children to play together. Emma Jo and Grace loved playing with Mays and Dallas. Cooper did too when he wasn't trying to steal their toys.

On Christmas Eve we headed to the winery for a nice family gathering complete with a make-your-own pizza bar. Everyone was well-behaved and the kids were exhausted a ready for bed as soon as we got home. I think the gymnastics camp earlier in the day, and anticipation of Santa coming that night helped to make bedtime smoother for the girls.

Christmas morning the kids were excited to see that Santa had visited during the night. They had been worried that Cooper would wake up and scare Santa away. Everyone was happy that Cooper chose to re-start sleeping through the night on Christmas Eve. There were presents galore on Christmas morning. Some of the favorites were Emma Jo's Ugg boots and beanie hats (3 in all), Grace's matching outfits for her and Alice, Mommy's worm composter and the Nintendo Wii for the whole family.

Everyone enjoyed spending time together as a family over the 4 day weekend. Some of the highlights were playing Dance, Dance Revolution with John and Tracy, going to see the Tales of Desperadoes, playing with the twins, and of course, playing with the Wii.

I'll post photos later this week. And maybe even finally finish our Christmas card.

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