Wednesday, May 27, 2009

18 Months Old - Already!!!

I can't hardly believe that Cooper is 18 months old already. Time has flown by. It really hit me today just how old he is getting. This morning when I realized that he can string two and sometimes even three words together into phrases it made me think about how big he is. I still think of him as just learning how to run and just starting to use a fork, but in reality he has been walking since before his birthday (6 months ago!) and he has been eating solid food for longer than that.

Things Cooper currently loves:
  • Playing with trucks which he calls gaburbs (after Grampa's Gaburban (Yukon XL)) - he only really started playing with trucks in the last two or three weeks - he also likes to play with tractors
  • Water - he will run for the bathroom if you ask him if he wants to take a bath - sometimes the only way I can blow dry my hair in the morning is by letting him play in Jason's sink with a cup and some rubber duckies
  • His big sisters - especially Emma Jo his "little mama" - Emma Jo is great at helping him - Grace loves to play with Cooper, but sometimes there are screams and tears as they fight over the same toy
  • Balls, every shape and size - he loves to throw balls, carry balls and point out balls - this evening while he was fighting going to sleep he pointed out every "busball" in his room (made me start to think I shouldn't have decorated his room with so many baseballs)
  • Animals which he generically refers to as either Layas or Allies after the cat and dog at daycare
Body parts Cooper knows and can point out (but many times will refuse to do so on demand):

Teeth, Hair, Eyes, Ears, Belly (his favorite), Feet, Toes, Head

Pictures from Cooper's first 18 months:

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