Monday, May 18, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

It was hot here this weekend! The thermometer in my car said it was in the 100s but the weatherman said it stayed in the 90s. Either way it was hot! The kids and I headed to Target early Saturday morning to by "cool" pjs for them. Cooper only had one pair of short pjs so he has been forced to sleep in a onesie a few nights last week. Although he is super cute in a onesie (especially with his belly sticking out), I really would prefer if he sleep in pajamas. Gracie picked out 3 new nightgowns, butterflies, princesses and peace signs. She loves the silky ones! Emma Jo is such a big girl that she choose boxer shorts and tank tops and 1 nightgown with cool frogs.
When we got home from Target the girls helped me get all of the fans out of the garage. We put one in each bedroom and Emma Jo even got a new one that clips onto her bed. Air conditioning sure would be nice, but the fans made a definite difference in the comfort of the house.
Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and Jason took the family the IHOP for breakfast before church. The kids loved the food and ate a ton! Cooper and Grace both chowed on eggs and Emma Jo finished off my French Toast. We were early enough that we got to go to Friedman Brothers and Target on our quest for an outdoor toybox to corral all of the outside balls. At church, I volunteered in the 4-5 year old's Sunday school class. It was very interesting and only a little chaotic.
After Cooper's nap, we headed up to Grammie and Grampa's for dinner and swimming. The pool was just the right temperature and everyone enjoyed it, even Grampa! Cooper John loves the water but thinks that he can swim without any help. He often pushes away from whomever is holding him and wants to swim alone. He always worries me. Grace loves to float in her floaty. She is very secure and can just hang out in the pool. Emma Jo is a fantastic swimmer and would spend hours in the pool if we allowed her to.

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