Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I sure did. It started off the morning with breakfast (French Toast, Maple Sausage, and Coffee w/Whipped Cream!) in bed. Then we were off to church and the first day of the Farmer's Market. Lunch was Panda Express while Cooper took a little nap. Some laundry and errands in the middle of the day, then we headed up to Grammie and Grampa's. The kids enjoyed swimming and I enjoyed talking to my mom while having a glass of Champagne. Dinner was delicious and then it was time to head home. We read Charlotte's Web and discovered that a rotten egg can stink up a whole barn! Now everyone is tucked into bed.
We had a great weekend and I hope we're heading into an even greater week. Jason and Emma Jo head up to gold country tomorrow for a class over-night field trip. I pray that they have a great time and that the little kids and I have a good time at home. We'll miss Emma and papa, but I think it will be special for them to spend some time together.
Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.
Cooper John has discovered his pockets. He loves to stick his hands in his pockets. It is really cute when they get stuck!
Grace's preschool had Pajama Day during Spirit Week. Here she is standing next to the tile walls with her "Heavens Rejoice and Sing" tiles.
Cooper loves hats, any kind. He also loves to unload my kitchen cabinets any chance he gets.
The kids made me a Mother's Day cake yesterday afternoon in the sandbox.
I think Cooper is saying "You are #1 Mommy!"

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