Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Excited

The excitement level is rising at our house. First for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. The kids especially are looking forward to seeing not just one, but two sets of cousins! Justin and Riley should be arriving tonight from Oregon (with Stacy and Juancho). Emma and Grace just love them and can't wait to play with them. They only see each other a handful of times a year so this is a real treat. Then on Saturday, Mays and Dallas are going to be at Grammie and Grampa's. The girls are looking forward to introducing Justin and Riley to Mays and Dallas. Justin especially loves babies. Mays and Dallas can't be counted as babies anymore (since they are 2.5) but they sure are cute!
On Saturday the whole gang is heading to Pina Napa Valley to bottle our 2nd vintage of Gimme Five. Gimme Five is a family wine grown on Grampa's vineyard and named after the five Pina grandchildren. We've have a bottling party at the winery where everyone will get in on the action. There will be a little work, lots of food, wine and fun. Afterwards we'll all head back to Grammie's for swimming, more food, wine and fun.
Today Emma and I have the day off of work and school and it is already feeling like the weekend. In fact, it already feels like summer. Emma Jo only has one and a half weeks of school (6 days). I can't believe how fast this year as passed and I know the summer will fly even faster. I've been looking at my calendar and we literally have at least one thing scheduled for every weekend until school starts again at the end of August!
For now I'm going to try to slow down enjoy the weekend and enjoy having friends and family surrounding us. It might be a little chaotic tomorrow with 12+ kids swarming the winery and 10+ kids in the pool, but I'm going to try to enjoy every minute of it.

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