Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to Pick a Lock

Did you know that when you Google "How to Pick a Lock" there are over 10 pages of choices that come up? Last night the girls and I found that out. At bedtime Emma Jo discovered that their bedroom door had inadvertently been locked. Grace had holed herself up in her room earlier in the evening as she worked diligently creating a Mother's Day masterpiece for me. In order to keep me from seeing her creation she locked the door. Unfortunately she locked it as she walked out of the room instead of hiding the artwork. Jason was busy putting Cooper to bed so the challenge of how to open the door fell squarely on my shoulders. I found a little screwdriver and stuck it in the hole and jiggled, nothing. I tried again, nothing. I tried several times and nothing happened. So, I convinced the girls that we could watch a little tv and try again when Cooper was asleep. Daddy is our go-to guy for fixing anything. I knew that he would be able to open the door. As the clock got closer to 8pm I knew that I had to do something. The girls turn to pumpkins at 8pm and it would not be pretty. I turned on the computer and Googled "How to Pick a Lock". I looked at several postings and they all pretty much agreed that you just need to stick a screwdriver or bobby pin in the hole and jiggle, so I tried again. On the 2nd try it popped open. The clock was only 7:55pm. Crisis averted.

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