Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daddy's Little Boy

For the last several weeks, Cooper has been going through a stage. The Daddy's Little Boy stage. When Jason is around Cooper wants nothing to do with anyone else. Cooper follows him around the house with arms outstretched calling "uppy, uppy, uppy dada". Jason spends a lot of time carrying the little dude around and getting very little else done. I've tried to remind Jason that in a few years Cooper won't want anything to do with cuddling and he should enjoy the time now. However it is a little tough to put together basketball hoops and prepare meals while you have a little dude in your arms.

I try to sympathize with Jason but I'm actually getting a little jealous. I wouldn't mind Cooper being hooked on Mama for a while. Sure I'll do when Daddy is gone, but when he is around I'm about as popular as chopped liver.

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