Thursday, June 25, 2009


Tonight we left the boys at home and the girls and I headed to an introductory Taekwondo class. Jason and I really want the girls to be filled with self-confidence and we've heard so many wonderful things about Taekwondo.

Hauth's Family Taekwondo is just down the street from our house and the owners attend our church. They offer free introductory classes and then have family classes where students of all ages can practice together. There were just the three of us (and later one little boy) in the introductory class. Emma, Grace and I had fun learning each of the stances, strikes, blocks, and a couple of kicks. We went through about a quarter of the while belt forms. We also got to kick the red pads. Emma Jo even got to lunge punch the instructor in the stomach!

We're going to go back for another introductory class next week and then decide if we want to enroll. The instructor told us that we could even bring Cooper and see if he is old enough to listen and follow instructions.

While we were gone, Jason and Cooper hung out together (one of Cooper's favorite things). Cooper loves to wear hats and Jason took these pictures of the little dude wearing Daddy's cowboy hat.

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