Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pina Napa Valley - Employee and Volunteer Appreciation Day

On Saturday in the 100+ degree weather, Pina Napa Valley hosted their first ever Employee and Volunteer Appreciation Day BBQ. There was food (BBQ Ribs, Chicken, Hot Dogs, Grilled Veggies, salads, fruit, Corn on the Cob), drink (Beer, Wine, Water, Soda) and fun (Corn Hole, Bocce, and a water trough). Misters outside kept it bearable to play games and get food. The cellar was a welcome reprieve from the heat. The food was great and I think everyone had a great time.
Is it time yet? Cooper John waiting patiently to go to the BBQ (and see Daddy).
Cooper enjoying the water trough Grampa brought to the party for the little kids. It was the perfect sized swimming pool. (Notice that he got his hair cut on the way to the party).

The ribs were delicious. Thank you Jason for cooking for everyone (as always).

Ranndy brought Cornhole to the winery. It is a game popular in the south and goes by many names. You might know it as washers, bean bag toss, bags or baggo. It is a lawn game similar to horseshoes. You use bean bags filled with dried corn and toss them at platforms made out of plywood that have a hole cut out of them. In regulation play the platforms are 30 feet apart, you get to throw four bags four times, add up your scores and declare a winner. At PNV we estimated the distance and had a tournament with a Magnum of wine as the prize.
Ranndy our Cornhole expert.
Official Cornhole platform.
Cooper John watched intently for his opportunity to run out there and grab the bean bags.
Emma Jo and Grace watching the game from the coolness of the misters.
Grampa John C. trying his hand at the game.

Emma Jo concentrating then showing the Pina form.

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  1. Nice post, Trish, thanks!
    Before a true Corn Hole expert criticizes the format of our game play, I'll confess that I changed many of the rules to make it more of a group activity. REAL Cornhole is played with 2 players, or 2 teams of players, and they alternate throws. For a large group, the play must move quickly, or people get bored. So we had one person throw at a time, and recorded their points, before having the next person on the list throw back the other direction. And in the real rules, you get 1 point for landing on the platform, and 3 points for throwing it through the hole. I changed that to be 1 point for landing on the lower half of the board, 2 for the upper, 3 for touching the hole, and 5 for putting it through the hole. Scores are tracked individually, so you don't compete against another person, or team - You compete against everybody else. There are few other changes, but that's enough to get a traditional Cornhole player to say "Stop messing with our game!".
    Lastly, Jason did a great job cooking in that 100+ degree heat and we all appreciated his talents!