Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Ladies Man

Cooper John knows exactly the way to his Mommy's heart.
Last night Jason and Emma Jo were at FBC's softball game, so I was alone with Grace and Cooper. After getting Gracie safely tucked into bed I took Cooper to his room. We rocked and cuddled as I tried to get him to go to sleep. He was almost out when all of a sudden he realized he was almost asleep. He immediately squirmed his way until he was laying on my chest with his head on my shoulder. He almost fell asleep again at which point he started kissing me. He would grab my face pucker up and kiss me full on the lips. Then he would lean back, look me in the eyes, and giggle. Clearly he knew that I couldn't resist little sloppery kisses and this would surely give him more time before he had to go to sleep. I tried my best not to laugh, but a few chuckles did erupt. This continued for a few minutes until I got my self-control back and finished rocking him to sleep.
I'm trying to enjoy these little moments of his babyhood. I know how quickly he is going to be a big boy and want nothing to do with snuggling with his mommy.

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  1. what a sweet moment, so glad you were able to savor it!