Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fair Day

I took the kids to the fair today. All by myself. We had a great time!
Jason is out of town for opening weekend of deer season. Mom and Dad are in Los Gatos with the twins. I am home alone with the kids for the weekend. Last week when I told everyone that I was going to take the kids to the fair by myself this weekend everyone thought I was crazy. Jason assured me that I was going to be a grumpy mess when he got home. I was confident we would have a great time. I love my kids and I love spending time with them. The key to outings like the fair is to not have any expectations and go with the flow.
We started our weekend by having pizza for dinner last night. It is no surprise to anyone since pizza is probably my most favorite meal (and all my kids love it). We had an easy night of tv, pizza, bedtime stories and sleep.
This morning we took it easy getting up then had french toast, bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. After that it was off to the mall for school shoes for Grace and birthday presents for a couple of Emma Jo's friends. By the time we were done at the mall it was lunch time and we were hungry. We decided to eat at the fair.
Once the kids and I got to the fair we decided to ride some rides and check out the dinosaur Hall of Flowers before lunch. The rides were disappointing in the kids area since Emma Jo was too big for most of them, Cooper was too little and Grace was too scared. Even so we managed to spend all of our ride tickets before heading off in search of Proto Pups.
In the 4H exhibit the kids got to milk a cow and Stornetta was giving away free scoops of ice cream to all fair goers. The kids got to dig for dinosaur bones and paint a billboard size Dinosaur poster. By then it was 3pm and we were hot and tired and ready to relax at home. We played a couple of games on the way to the exit and then hit the road.
Cooper crashed about 1.5 miles from home and gladly finished his nap in the middle of my bed when we got home. Gracie spent the afternoon coloring and creating project while Emma Jo watched tv and I cleaned.
After a dinner of mac-n-cheese and Cold Stone Creamery the kids were ready to hit the sack.

I'm looking forward to homemade banana bread for breakfast followed by church and possibly the grocery store. We expect Jason home by the time Cooper wakes up from his nap.

I always miss Jason when he is gone, but it is so much fun spending time with the kids. Especially when I've decided to let chores fall by the wayside and just enjoy the kids for the day. I figure there is plenty of time for chores later. Not enough time to play now.

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