Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting SO Big

Cooper John is getting SO big. He has changed so much over the summer from being a dependent baby to being a more independent toddler. Much of the change has to do with his speech. Cooper can easily string words together into sentences. He will tell you what he wants and he can thank you for your efforts.
For the last couple of weeks he has been plagued by a runny nose. Cooper will interrupt playing to run over to me and say "Mama, why no peas?" I know that this means 'Mommy, Will you wipe my nose please?' When I'm done he will say "tank u mama, garbige?" Cooper loves finding things to throw in the garbage. The other night at soccer practice we had to walk down over half the field so that he could throw away a piece of litter he had found on the grass.
Cooper is also getting good at using his manners. He often uses "peas" and "tank u" and sometimes even "welcome". Of course he thinks that if he uses please he will automatically get whatever he is asking for. If he doesn't get this request granted then he will repeat "peas, peas, peas, mama" until we finally make him stop.
He is also a great mimic of his sisters. On the weekends he will climb up onto the couch point at the tv and say "cartoon peas mama?" I was never really sure if he knew what the tv was and that we could control what was on the tv, but he is obviously smarter than I thought. It is a good thing that we have implemented a new "no tv on school nights" policy.
Although Cooper adores his sisters and wants to play with them constantly, he is also jealous of them. When Cooper notices Jason or I playing with one of the girls or letting them sit on our laps, he will try to interject himself into the game or tell them to get off of our laps. He clearly believes he should have Mommy and Daddy to himself and does not want to share.

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