Saturday, August 29, 2009

Opening Day of Soccer

This was our 4th Opening Day of Soccer. And it followed in the tradition of earlier years. Each year we have played in the Windsor Youth Soccer League, we've had extreme weather on Opening Day. Two times Open Day has been postponed due to rain. The other time was like today, HOT, very HOT. When the family piled out the door this morning (after searching for Grace's socks for 10 minutes and finding them in her art box), it was already close to 80 degrees at 9:30 in the morning.

Festivities were slated to start at 10am followed by jumpy houses, climbing wall, BBQ and pictures. By the time all teams had been announced it was pretty close to miserable. The heat was all encompassing with no shade to be found. Thankfully we had plenty of water. Emma Jo enjoyed the dunk tank and Grace and Cooper loved the bubbles. The firetruck that showed up and sprayed kids with water from the hydrant was a big hit too!

Team pictures started with the youngest kids and worked up through the ranks. Thankfully Grace's Royal Pixies are in the youngest bracket so we were done with portraits by noon. We had thought about getting Hot Dogs from the snack shack to support the league, but there had been a BBQ mishap and no food was available for purchase yet. We decided it was a better idea to hit Quizno's and Cold Stone to fill our bellies and cool off. After lunch the girls and I got our nails done and then headed back to the field for Emma Jo's pictures at 3pm. By the time we arrived at the field for the 2nd time my car thermometer was reporting the temperature at 110 degrees. HOT! The parents huddled the in the shade of a scrawny tree while the Purple People Eaters took their pictures.

The weather is supposed to cool off tomorrow by 10 degrees. It sounds great until you realize that would still put us around 95!

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