Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Week of School

We have officially finished our first week of school. So far, so good. Gracie is doing excellent. The first day went off without any tears (from Grace). She was fine until I picked her up. Then she was a little emotional and not sure if she should cry or not. Luckily right then Mrs. Mohle (her teacher) and Mr. Theiss (her principal) both commented on what a good day she had. The reassurance was just what she needed and we were off to find Emma Jo.
Emma Jo has discovered that 5th Grade really does have more homework than 4th. Between soccer and homework we've been lucky to be in bed by 8:30. We used to have an 8 o'clock bedtime but that just isn't possible with two kids in soccer and 30+ minutes of homework a night. Of course, it might be easier for Emma to do her homework if she didn't have two younger siblings constantly distracting her...
The kids bring home a "Tuesday Folder" every week that contains all of the important information for the week ahead and a sampling of the work completed the previous week. In yesterday's folder, Gracie received a sweet note from her teacher. It said:
Dear Grace,
What a blessing you are to have in class. Thank you for being well-behaved and following the rules.
I am so happy to be your teacher.
God Bless You,
Love, Mrs. Mohle
I thought it was so nice of Mrs. Mohle to give Grace a note of encouragement and to fill us in so cleverly on how she is doing. Gracie was excited to tell Mrs. Mohle "Thank You" today.

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