Thursday, August 6, 2009

Picasa Web Albums

Although I've used Picasa Web Albums since I started my blog since it is the photo repository for Blogger I've never really explored the possibilities of the service. Last weekend I decided to explore. Picasa includes a face recognition piece that isolates faces in photos. It does a pretty good job of grouping faces together which it thinks are the same person. Then you can name each face and later can sort and share photos based on who is in them.
I ran the face recognition service on all of the photos I have uploaded to Picasa. I was amazed at how well it recognized faces. But even more than the faces it got right, I loved the faces it got wrong. It could easily distinguish Mays and Dallas, but would often think Mays and Cooper were the same. It would also get confused with Grace and match her face up with Cooper, Emma, and Dallas. I love that the cousins all have so many facial features that are the same that the software can tell they are family.
While I was playing with Picasa I downloaded their computer based software. It looks pretty useful for organizing and editing pictures. It also makes it easy to upload pictures to Blogger and Picasa Web. Unfortunately I couldn't find the face recognition feature on the downloaded version.

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