Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swimming Lessons

All three kids are taking swimming lessons this week. Emma Jo is already a great swimmer. Cooper loves the water and wishes he could swim on his own. Grace likes to play in the water, but she is terrified of getting her ears wet. I'm sure it is a side-effect of all the ear problems she has had over the years and the way the water feels with her tubes. All three are doing great at lessons this week! Grace was intimidated the first night but recovered and hasn't had any issues the last two nights. Cooper likes doing what he wants to do, not what the instructor wants him to do. Emma Jo is in a class of just four kids and they are practicing as if they were training for swim team.
Daddy and the little kids getting in the little pool.
Emma Jo swimming the backstroke.Grace getting wet and then floating with the instructor.
Cooper John wearing Daddy's sunglasses and hat before swimming lessons

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