Wednesday, July 15, 2009

California Adventure

On Tuesday we took the kids to California Adventure. We were there right when the gates opened and had to wait for the rides. While we waited the kids had the chance to meet Minnie, Mickie and Pluto. Cooper was so excited to meet Pluto but then got scared and didn't want to go anywhere near him.

The girls getting Minnie's autograph.

Grace was so excited to finally get Minnie's autograph. She wants to fill up her book with all of the characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Emma Jo meeting Pluto.

Grace wanted Pluto to sign her book, but she did not want to be anywhere close to him.

Cooper would only get close to Pluto if Daddy was holding him. As soon as we walked away he waved and yelled "Bye-Bye Doggie!"

Daddy helped the kids meet Adventure Mickey.

Grace and Cooper loved the Playhouse Disney show. Gracie especially liked the bubbles and when the leaves fell from the sky. Cooper was enthralled with all of the action on stage and liked dancing with the characters.

California Adventure is under major construction as they prepare the setting for a nighttime light spectacular which will feature Ariel and Pocahontas among others.

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