Sunday, July 19, 2009

Disneyland - Day 3

On Wednesday we decided we needed a break from Disney. We chose to spend the morning driving up into LA to visit the American Girl Store. Emma Jo has been collecting American Girls for a few years (thanks to Grammie) and Gracie has Alice her Bitty Baby whom she loves to pieces. We thought it would be a welcome break to take the girls to see something not associated with Disney.
The store was beautiful. Probably the nicest kids store we have ever visited. There was every possible accessory or outfit you would need for an American Girl or Bitty Baby. The store was airy and spacious with beautiful displays that just lured your to buy everything in site. Emma Jo had Nikki's hair re-styled and Grace bought Alice a couple of new outfits.
When we got back to the hotel (after visiting a Woodcraft, and getting In-and-Out Burger) we decided it was time for swimming. Cooper knows the drill and tried to apply his own sunscreen.
Later in the evening we decided to drive into Disney and we waited for Grammie and Grampa to arrive.
We spent most of our time in FantasyLand and rode Alice in Wonderland and the Carousel (again).
On the way back to Downtown Disney (where we parked) we were able to sit in the nose of the monorail and pretend to drive the shuttle.

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