Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Disneyland Day 4 - Grammie & Grampa Arrive!!!

Grammie and Grampa came down to visit us for our last two days at Disneyland. We were so excited to see them and share our vacation. We started Thursday with a breakfast with Minnie & Company. The restaurant is right at the end of Main Street next to Tomorrowland. It was a great buffet with several characters who come right to your table and sign autographs and take pictures. Grace was so happy to finally really work on filling up her book.The girls with Minnie Mouse.Grammie, Grampa and MinnieBrer Bear really liked Grampa. Grampa didn't like him quite as much.Cooper liked to see the characters from afar, but really didn't want to touch them.Max (Goofy's son? nephew?) was very cute and played a hand game with Cooper.Cooper would only let Jason or Grammie hold him. Here he climbed unto her lap and was eating Grace's Fruit Loops with a fork.Grammie, the kids, and PinocchioAfter breakfast, Nemo was the first order of business. Here is Emma Jo looking through one of the rocks in the Nemo line. The new Nemo ride is pretty amazing with the integration of water, movies and holograms. Cooper especially liked the bubbles.Gracie loves her Grampa. They drove together on Autopia and share some special moments while waiting in line.Grammie waiting in line with Emma Jo.Cooper John loved Buzz Lightyear, especially his AstroBlasters.Cooper and Daddy on the Jungle Ride.
Grammie and Grampa on the Jungle Ride.
It was so much fun to watch the kids and their Grandparents at Disneyland. The love betwen the five of them is evident and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

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