Monday, July 13, 2009

San Diego

We officially started our vacation on Thursday evening. Jason packed up the "G-burb" while the kids were at camp and I was at work. By 5:30, after a few stumbling blocks, we were on the road. We made pretty good time and stopped for the night at Harris Ranch. Everyone was tired and we got a little bit of a late start on Friday. Most of the day Friday was spent travelling down "The 5" to San Diego. The highlights around the way were In-n-Out for lunch, Emma Jo sending her first text message to Grampa and an exotic wood store in Carlsbad. Jason was amazed by the selection of wood. Many species he had never seen before and the quality was fantastic. His comment to me was that it was a good thing we live so far away because he could spend a lot of time and money there. When I told my dad about the store his comment was to tell Jason that the Yukon has a roof rack.It is always a big treat when we get to eat at In-N-Out. The closest one to us is about 30 minutes away and we only stop there a few times a year. The kids were very happy to get these cool hats and stickers.

In San Diego we stayed at the Westin which was formally known as the Emerald Palace. If you ever look at pictures of the San Diego skyline you will neon green hexagons on a hotel's roof. That was our hotel! We had an awesome view of the bay and could see the water, boats, tractors and even fireworks. Cooper loved standing on the windowsill and watching the cars go by below us. We went to dinner Friday night with old friends. On the way back to the room the girls were in awe of the city lights (a little different than Sonoma County). Gracie remarked that it looked like Christmas and Emma Jo thought New York must look just like it.Saturday we took the kids to Sea World and Grandma Bette and Grandpa Joe flew into town. Grace has been talking about Shamu for two years since our last visit so it was a must do. Cooper loved the Shamu show and clapped each time anyone else clapped. Despite the 90+ degree weather we all had a good time. Seaport Village for breakfast. It was in the mid-80s by 10am so Jason and I were pretty happy the kids agreed that we could skip Legoland and just head to LA and go swimming

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