Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Awana Grand Prix

The girls are participating in Awana this year. It is a big commitment since we have to make the drive down to Santa Rosa every Wednesday night for their meetings. The meetings last until 8pm so it means a late night each week as well. But, I'm glad they are enjoying it so much and are learning more and more about Jesus.

Each spring Awana hosts an annual Grand Prix. They kids get pine box derby kits and get to make cars of their own design and then come and race them. Emma Jo decided to make a Hersey Bar car and Grace modeled hers after one of Coopers lego toys.

The night could have used a lot better organization, but the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves (until the end of the night when Grace was only of only about five kids who didn't win a trophy).

Neither of the girls won any of their races. Emma Jo even tried racing backwards once thinking the weight in the front would propel her over the finish line first.

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