Friday, April 30, 2010

WCA Golf Tournament

Every year Windsor Christian Academy hosts a golf tournament benefiting the tuition assistance program. This fundraiser helps children attend the Academy who otherwise would be excluded due to financial hardship. I've wanted to participate in the tournament in years past but it has never quite fit into our schedule. This year we made it a priority to play. Isn't 6 months pregnant the perfect time to pick up a club after not playing for several years?

Mom, Dad, Jason and I formed a foursome. I went into the tournament knowing we wouldn't be winning any prizes, but looking forward to spending the day with my family. Even though we see each other all the time, I still enjoy being together, and it is a nice break to not have the kids demanding Grammie & Grampa's attention. We played about as expected with each of us having some great shots and some not-too-great shots.

On about our 14th hole, after teeing off we saw a huge man coming towards us on a golf cart. Bubba Paris was the featured speaker at the dinner following the tournament and we were told he may make it to Windsor early enough to visit foursomes on the course. We stopped and chatted with him for several minutes. He remarked about my belly and shared that he had six boys before he was finally blessed with twin daughters. Bubba said he wasn't a great golfer but asked to take a swing. While he topped the ball about 20 feet he let all of us hold one of his Superbowl rings. It was as big as a golf ball!
Although my whole body is sore today, it was a great day yesterday and definitely worth it. I look forward to playing again next year.

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