Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break - Day 5 - Schoolhouse Beach - Bodega Bay

I promised the girls that on our last day of Spring Break we could have a picnic in Bodega. The kids are amazed that the beach is so close to us and yet we never go. After a lazy morning, we headed to the store to pick up a picnic lunch and some sand toys. We took the scenic route along the Russian River and headed towards the ocean. The first glimpse of water near Goat Rock was as magical as ever. It made we wonder why we don't do this more often.

We drove along the coast taking in the crashing waves and blue sky and tried to decide which beach we should visit. We finally settled on Schoolhouse Beach. It had rock that the waves could crash on but the surf was fairly mild where it finally hit the beach. We were very aware of Grampa's worry that someone was going to be swept out to see by a rogue wave.

We set up our blankets, ate our lunch, played in the surf and sorted rocks for the best ones to bring home. I loved how each of the girls personalities shown through how they played on the beach. Emma Jo wanted to be as close to the water as she could without being too close and having Mommy tell her to move. She jumped over the waves and played in the surf. Grace on the other hand would turn and run if the water was within 6 feet of her. She did get wet on the first wave but a couple of drops got on her skirt which signalled the end of her water play.

We had talked so much about how Grampa was worried someone was going to be hurt that on our way home, as soon as we got to Sebastopol and had cell phone service, Grace called Grampa to let him know that we were all safe and on our way home.

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