Friday, April 23, 2010


Emma Jo played basketball for the first time this year. Windsor Christian Academy participates in a private school Middle School sports league for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. The main basketball season has 7th Grade and 8th Grade teams. Since we are such a small school, we do not have enough 7th and 8th graders to fill two teams. In fact, this year there were only enough players to fill one team. We ended up fielding a 7th Grade Girls team which was made up of one 7th grader, a handful of 6th Graders and several 5th Graders. Emma Jo was one of those girls.

I was shocked when she told me she was going out for the team. Earlier in the year she had said she wanted to play basketball but she was afraid she wouldn't be any good since she had never played before. I was so proud of her when she decided it was worth the risk and you never know until you try.

Emma had a great coach! He was always encouraging the girls to do the best they could. He loves Emma's height and how she listens and tries to implement what he teaches. He just kept trying to get her to be more aggressive on the court. He sounded just like her soccer coaches!

Emma wasn't afraid to take shots or go for defensive rebounds. She even scored a few points and took a few free throws.

The WCA Mighty Warriors ended the regular season after losing in the semi-finals. They had a great season which was amazing when you consider they were mostly 5th & 6th graders playing against 7th Graders.

Just this week she has started playing in a 6th Grade practice league. I'm so happy that she has found something that she enjoys so much and has an opportunity to really have some success.

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