Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt at church

Last weekend, our church hosted their annual Kids Easter Celebration and Egg Hunt. Since John and the boys were up visiting, we invited Grammie, Mays and Dallas to join in the festivities.
Emma and Cooper waiting patiently for Grammie and the boys to arrive.
Before the Easter story and Egg Hunt, the kids got to color pictures and make sticker collages of the crucifixion and resurrection.
While we waited for the Easter story to be read, Cooper entertained us with his Easter basket/bucket hat.
Cooper enjoyed finding the brightly colored eggs and throwing them into his basket. Good thing they were plastic.
Emma Jo loves her little cousins to bits and helped them find eggs.
Grammie and Grace checking out Mays' haul.
Thankfully we had the big hunt last weekend, because today we were greeted with gray skies and rain.

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